22 Week Pregnancy Bumpdate


I am 22 weeks pregnant which means I am over halfway through this pregnancy already! Though time dragged on at the beginning, it definitely seems to be picking up speed lately. The weather here in Southern Oregon has been amazingly sunny and hot and we have been keeping very busy with park and splash pad play dates, as well as a lot of work on getting our garden ready and our veggies started. We also spent Memorial Day weekend at home potty training and that transition has definitely kept our plates full! Overall Lincoln did great and I’m super proud of him but any big change like that is stressful for all involved and we are still adjusting. I’m thinking this next 18 weeks is going to absolutely fly by!

Baby’s progress:

At 22 weeks, baby is now close to 8 inches from crown to rump and weighs around 14 oz, about the size of a papaya. Facial features are becoming much more developed and hair is growing!


We had our anatomy scan about a week and a half ago and found out that everything is measuring well and looks great! The doctor specifically came in to look at the diaphragm, heart and lungs and reassured us that he could see a full diaphragm from every angle and the heart and lungs were exactly where they should be with no displacement whatsoever. Such a relief! He said he would be “stunned” if we come back at 30 weeks and there is any kind of problem which, although we obviously weren’t expecting anything to be wrong, was so great to hear! And of course, we got to find out the gender of this sweet little one! I ordered some scratch off cards and wrote a little poem to go with them to send to all of our family and friends in other states. I just recently found out this was a thing and I think they are adorable!IMG_1058We are so excited to be having a baby GIRL this time! Josh literally jumped out of his seat, hands in the air, he was really hoping for this. I wouldn’t say it was a shock because we all (including Linky) have been predicting it would be a girl the whole time but with all the boys in our family it was still an awesome surprise! We also have already agreed on a name: Marley. I have now gotten to use both my top favorite names so I’m feeling pretty lucky.


  • Nausea and vomiting: Well I was really hoping for some better news on this front by now but unfortunately I am still being plagued with a good amount of nausea and the occasional vomiting. It’s not 24/7 like it was, so I can for sure power through it, but there’s still some foods I cannot eat and oftentimes mornings are just rough. The intensity of this symptom (along with the fact that I barely dealt with it at all during my first pregnancy) is the main reason for my prediction that this baby would be a girl. I don’t take all of the old wives tales to heart but I figured that logically if every single symptom I am experiencing this time is different from what I experienced with my son, then chances are this one is a different gender. So I’m 1 for 2 on gender predictions so far.
  • Skin irritations: The annoying itchiness I was experiencing during the early weeks of my pregnancy is totally gone and I have been basically blemish free for the last couple of months so I’m happy about that! I’ve been alternating coconut oil and my homemade lotion bars as a moisturizer on my whole body but especially the belly area to hopefully prevent stretch marks and any discomfort from my skin stretching as I continue to get bigger.
  • Sleep: I’ve definitely been a lot more tired these past few weeks and I can’t figure out if it’s because of the iron deficiency or just my erratic sleep schedule. I find myself staying up later than I should, relishing the quiet of the hours when everyone is asleep and no one needs anything from me. I like to sit with some chocolate and a book and just soak it in, even though I know I would probably be better served by getting some extra sleep while I still can. On the other hand though, the boy who gave up naps by the time he was 2 has changed his mind about that so we are all getting some good afternoon rest! Sometimes I try to sneak in some yoga while he sleeps instead but usually I nap right along with him.
  • Appetite: My appetite has pretty much held steady since my last update but it’s variable. I think I’m eating more per day than first trimester for sure but I don’t think I’m eating any more than I normally do when not pregnant. The extreme hunger definitely hasn’t kicked in and I rarely have those “OMG I’m so starving” moments that I typically get. I’m not sure if this is because I’m still kind of queasy or if it’s just a little early for that still but I am now up almost 10 lbs so clearly my body is doing what it’s supposed to.
  • Baby movement: This girl is a party animal! Seriously, the amount of movement I’m feeling and even SEEING already is insane! Granted, last pregnancy I had an anterior placenta so a lot of the movements were blocked but it’s just amazing to me that I can already see my belly jerking and moving when she gets going. Her favorite time is 11 pm (could have something to do with my before bed chocolate fix every night..) but I definitely feel her consistently throughout the entire day which is especially wonderful because I’m so busy chasing a toddler around town that I forget about being pregnant sometimes until she steals my attention back with a giant kick to my bladder! I’m predicting this little one is going to be a more physically active baby than her big brother was but we shall see.


  • Eggs and avocado toast every morning, always and forever!
  • Still preferring salads to heavier meals for the most part. My favorite is a Mediterranean chickpea salad that I make once a week and eat off of for 2 days of lunches. So tasty!
  • My sweet tooth is slowly coming back and I’ve been wanting chocolate chip cookies a lot. Also the new AlterEco mint chocolate truffles are to die for and I have 12 of them in my bedside table at any given time. You know, for emergencies…
  • Other than that, nothing new here. To be honest, I’m just not really that into food this pregnancy. It’s lame. I keep saying I’m probably going to gain a million pounds AFTER baby is born and all the food starts tasting amazing again. There is no hunger like the first few months of breastfeeding hunger. None.

Overall, I am definitely feeling like I am in that “sweet spot” of middle pregnancy when I’m no longer a sick and exhausted zombie but not yet a giant whale who can’t maneuver around anything so I am trying to take advantage of it! We are starting swim lessons with Lincoln next month and planning on getting out as much as we can early in the summer because I’m guessing I will be hiding in my house next to the air conditioning vent not too long from now. Josh will be coming with us to the midwife next time so we can tour the birth center and he can get a feel for where everything’s at before it’s go time. We also scheduled our last ultrasound for the very beginning of August to double check that everything looks good and ease my anxieties before we are planning on heading back home for a couple weeks of family time and cooler weather. I’ve made my list of what we need to get before we are officially baby ready and there’s not much on there so I’m feeling really good about that. I am really trying to slow down and enjoy the last few months I have of it just being Lincoln and I all day before everything changes and we have to find a new routine. I think he’s going to adjust really well but I have to say I am a little nervous because he is a total mama’s boy. That being said, even he is excited and keeps saying “baby coming in October” and I am positive he is going to be the best big brother on the planet. It’s going to be the sweetest moment of my life seeing him hold his baby sister for the first time and whenever I think about that I just can’t wait for her to be here!

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