27 Week Pregnancy Bumpdate


I am about 27.5 weeks pregnant as I’m writing this which means.. I AM OFFICIALLY IN MY THIRD TRIMESTER!!! I am seriously SO excited to be getting so close to meeting baby girl! I feel like I have had this inner sense of her and how she will add to our family for the longest time and as the weeks go by it gets stronger and stronger, to the point where I feel almost incomplete without her here. I am definitely soaking in the last of my one on one time with Lincoln of course, but I am beyond ready to move forward to having her in my arms and being a family of 4.

Baby’s Progress:

This week baby is up to about 2 whole pounds and is measuring somewhere around 14.5 inches with legs extended. All of the major organs and body parts have developed by now so aside from some brain tissue development and some lung maturation, she’s mostly just working on putting on fat. We passed the point of viability a couple of weeks ago which means that if I went into labor now, she would have a great chance of surviving with some medical assistance and time in the NICU. Apparently baby girl is supposed to be waking and sleeping at regular intervals now but considering I feel her moving around literally all day and night, I’m seriously questioning that. In other news, I had a midwife appointment the other day and I found out that baby girl is head down right now! Obviously we are still quite a way out from delivery and at her size she has plenty of room to flip around in there (which it feels like she’s doing all night long) but I was still so excited to hear that bit of news! I am really hoping she will favor that position and not get herself all stuck up in a crazy breech pose for the last 10 weeks and have me doing everything under the sun to flip her around like her big brother did.


  • Nausea and vomiting: I hesitate to say I have had a resurgence of morning sickness because as I’ve mentioned previously, it really has yet to completely go away for me. However, I have had a couple of stretches throughout the last few weeks that have felt just like first trimester all over again. I’m talking throwing up copiously first thing when I get up, everything tasting weird and having to force myself to eat, not being able to shake the nausea for most of the day, etc. I keep saying I am probably going to gain a million pounds after baby is born because food is going to finally taste normal and not upset my stomach and I am probably going to want to eat nonstop.
  • Skin irritations: For my birthday, my parents got us a little inflatable pool for the back deck and I got a little more sun exposure on my belly than I should have and broke out in the craziest rash I have ever had! It was all over my belly, sides, a little on my thighs and it was the most horrible and definitely itchiest rash of my life. I put everything I had on it from aloe to coconut oil to skin healing salve and nothing helped but time. It finally went away after a miserable 3 days.
  • Sleep: I am still sleeping well for the most part. I am not uncomfortable yet (my body pillow is my number one favorite possession right now) and I am not feeling overly tired and needing naps regularly either.
  • Appetite: Unless it’s one of the days that I mentioned earlier where I just feel crappy, my appetite is pretty high but not crazy ravenous like my last pregnancy. I always prefer to eat my 3 big meals a day with minimal snacking and that seems to be working for me still. I think in a month or so I will probably have to revise that strategy because I won’t have room for a big meal in my stomach but we shall see.
  • Baby movements: This girl has me laughing out loud sometimes at the craziness that is going on in there! Just today I felt the biggest movement I have ever felt in either of my pregnancies so far and it was such a strange cross between feeling so amazing and a little bit painful that I had to just stop and stare at my belly for a minute. This part I am just loving!
  • Fainting: So this is a brand new symptom. About 3 weeks ago, I was laying in bed being lazy while Lincoln was napping when I decided to get up and did so way too fast and without supporting my weight with my hands like I should have. Immediately upon standing I had a sharp pain in my lower abdomen and then my vision started clouding over from the edges and I just completely collapsed, smacking my head on the floor. I was super dizzy and confused and tried to stand up and move to the bathroom when I passed out again and hit my tailbone and then smacked my head against the wall before landing on the floor again. I have never before in my life experienced anything even remotely similar to this and it was super painful and scary and disorienting. Once my head cleared I went and laid on the couch, called Josh who came home from work, chugged a bottle of water and then called my midwife who said not to worry. Apparently the increased blood volume of pregnancy does funny things to your body’s ability to regulate blood pressure and if you move too quickly like I did, it cannot send the blood up to the brain quick enough and essentially your brain just shuts down. Luckily besides a bruised head and tailbone and some major whiplash in my neck that lasted a few days, I am fine and baby is too. I am trying to remember that even though I am not huge yet, I still need to move more slowly and carefully and always give my body some extra support.


  • Not much new going on here. Eggs and avocado toast, lots of salads, a gradually increasing need for sweets and a serious disgust for bacon.
  • Speaking of sweets, Linky and I made these cookies last week and despite the fact that I really don’t like raisins and normally hate them in baked goods, they were one of my favorite things I’ve eaten recently. The chewy texture is unbeatable.
  • I am counting down the days until our tomatoes and basil in the garden are ready to harvest and I can eat nothing but caprese salad for weeks on end.

Less than 3 months until due date and we have a lot going on to help pass the time. Lincoln has started swim lessons, we still go to library storytime every week (his favorite), and we have been planning regular picnics and park trips with friends. In a few weeks I have my last ultrasound to double check that everything is looking good with Miss Marley as well as another midwife appointment and after that it will be appointments every two weeks from there on out! Then I will be heading up to Seattle with my little man for about 2 weeks of family time and cooler weather which I am stoked about! Lincoln has decided he really wants to go to the zoo when we are up there and I have plans to take him to a Caspar Babypants show as well. Then September I have basically blocked off for freezer meal prep and reorganizing Lincoln’s closet and dresser to make room for all baby’s things. She of course will be sleeping in our room for the next year or two, and we will be setting up a changing table in our bathroom with all the diapering supplies, blankets, sleepers and anything else I might need in the middle of the night, but everything else will go in his room. We are in the final stretch now and it feels great!


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