33 Week Pregnancy Bumpdate


I am now just over 33 weeks pregnant which means we have LESS THAN 10 weeks to go! I am so excited! My nesting urges have kicked in (although not the cleaning part of that equation, hmmm..) and I have been online shopping like a crazy person for all the items we need to get ready for baby girl’s arrival. We are going to be bedsharing with her just like we did with Lincoln and plan to have her in with us for at least the first year so there is no big nursery setup to worry about. However I did order a changing table and am going to set up a little nook in our master bathroom where I will keep all the diapering supplies as well as blankets and sleepers for middle of the night changes. I have been getting gifted a few girly outfits and all the little pink things are so sweet! I also just started my freezer meal prep today and it feels so good to at least have a couple of meals set aside for busy nights with a newborn.

Lincoln and I just got back last week from our long awaited trip to Seattle and it was the best time I could have hoped for! We got to see most of our family and some friends, enjoyed some cooler weather, visited almost every animal at the zoo, went to see Caspar Babypants in concert twice, and ate out way more than is probably healthy for anyone but I enjoyed every minute of it. Of course we missed Josh and by the end of the 2 weeks I could really tell Linky was ready to get home and back to a normal/less hectic routine, but I am super grateful we had the opportunity to get away and for him to have some more one on one bonding with his family before he has to start sharing the attention with his little sister.

Baby’s Progress:

Baby girl is now over 4 lbs and upwards of 17 inches long! Supposedly she will be gaining about a 1/2 lb per week for the rest of her time in utero. She is developing her immune system and is steadily practicing drinking (and peeing) the amniotic fluid. At my midwife appointment yesterday we confirmed that she is STILL head down (yesss!) and I am measuring right on track. At this point I would think it would be pretty unlikely for her to do the whole flip thing so I am just going to keep doing exercises to encourage proper positioning in hopes that she won’t be posterior and I won’t have to suffer through back labor again! We had our last ultrasound at 30 weeks to just check and make sure everything was still looking good and the doctor confirmed there is no sign of any issues, baby is growing well, and we are all systems go for a natural birth center birth as planned! Baby girl was not in the mood to be photographed and kept trying to hide her face behind her hands, it was cracking us up! At one point she had both hands and one foot tucked up right in front of her face, so precious!



  • Nausea and vomiting: PRAISE THE LORD it’s finally gone!!! I cannot believe that I am saying this at 33 weeks pregnant but I am feeling the best I have felt this entire pregnancy strictly due to the fact that I am not waking up queasy or having a hard time stomaching any foods. I seriously could not be more grateful to have finally reached this point and that it came in time for me to really enjoy my vacation!
  • Skin irritations: My face has started breaking out a little more in the past few weeks. I’m not sure if its because I have been lazy about my skin care routine or maybe because of all the eating out I was doing or if its just another hormonal surge but its not too bad so I can’t really complain.
  • Sleep: I haven’t been sleeping the greatest lately. First of all, I have been trying to get in my red raspberry leaf tea but the only time I can stand to drink tea is at night so I am getting up about a million times to pee. Second, Lincoln and I bedshared during our whole trip and he has this uncanny ability to magnetize himself to me no matter how many times I move him back to his side of the bed so I ended up squished. And now that we are back, he keeps waking up screaming for me in the night because he got used to sleeping next to me so I end up spending an hour or two a night dozing in there which is super uncomfortable considering his bed is a mattress on the floor and I am super pregnant. Hopefully we can get him back in a good bedtime routine before Marley is born!
  • Appetite: I’m hungrier and hungrier every day and I have no complaints.
  • Baby movements: Little one is still extremely active most days. We had a couple days during our trip where she was less active than usual (but not so inactive to be worried about) and I think she was just tucked into a comfy position and lulled to sleep by all of our activity because as soon as we got in the car to start the 8 hour drive home, she was back to using me as her personal punching bag! I love feeling around for her little butt and trying to identify what position she is in! Also I experienced my first round of hiccups with this pregnancy a couple weeks ago which was fun. I remember that I felt them all the time during my pregnancy with Lincoln but not with this one, weird.
  • Aches and pains: One thing from my previous pregnancy that I had 100% forgotten about until this last month was the epic pelvic/pubic bone pain that happens at the end. But literally the second it started this time, it all came flashing back. It is a pain like nothing else I have ever felt. It was kind of off and on for the first few weeks after it appeared and I thought that all the yoga and squatting I was doing was aggravating it so I backed off. However it is back with a vengeance and no amount of activity or lack thereof seems to be able to get rid of it now. Putting pants on, rolling over in bed, getting in and out of bed, getting up and down from any position in general seem to be the worst moments but my midwife said my belly looks lower so I am thinking she is just really snuggled in there and the pain is here to stay. Not fun but I will take it over the ever present nausea any day!
  • Temperature: I am hot all the time these days! Even back home in my air conditioning I feel slightly sweaty. Honestly I feel lucky that it hasn’t been worse for me being pregnant during the summer again but man it would be nice to feel cold for a second.


  • Again, nothing new going on here at this point besides the increase in my overall hunger level. Still loving salads and chocolate!
  • I really enjoyed having a couple of weeks off from constant cooking and getting to revisit some of my favorite Seattle restaurants (we don’t have a lot of organic eating out options in our area) for a couple of weeks. Some highlights were the caprese salad at the Pink Door and any of the sandwiches from Homegrown. However, this has made me appreciate my normal meal planning routine and being willing to learn how to cook things for myself because eating out is super expensive and I can definitely feel the difference in my body from whatever extra sugar or oils I wouldn’t typically use.

We are in the home stretch here people and I am almost giddy with excitement! I cannot wait to meet this sweet girl, to see her with her papa and her big brother, for cooler weather with warm drinks and baby snuggles, to not be pregnant anymore, etc. I am definitely going to take advantage of the next month to prep more meals and set up/organize all the baby stuff but I am hoping to be mostly done by the end of September so I can relax and enjoy celebrating Lincoln’s THIRD birthday and take it easy for my last few weeks of pregnancy. Hopefully I will get around to posting one more update before she comes but we shall see.


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