Natural Baby Teething Must Haves


My ten month old is (finally) cutting her two top teeth and has been struggling a bit more with them than she did with the bottom ones. As I have been helping her through the discomfort, I’ve been thinking a lot about the different things I have tried with both of my kids to help alleviate their teething pain. We don’t use traditional pain medicine in our home but we have found some more natural methods that have really worked for us and I’m going to be sharing those with you today.

Amber Teething Necklace

I never had one of these for my oldest but I purchased one for my daughter when she was about four months old and she’s been wearing it ever since. Amber teething necklaces are made of small beads of Baltic Amber which contains about 8% succinic acid. Succinic acid is known to be anti inflammatory, calming, and immune boosting, so the theory is that when the amber is worn against baby’s skin, the beads will warm and release oils containing the succinic acid which will then be absorbed through the skin and help relieve the swelling and pain that comes along with teething. Tons of mamas swear by these teething necklaces and in my experience, Marley had very few symptoms when cutting her bottom teeth so if your baby is having a hard time with teething I would definitely give these a try! Raw, unpolished amber is going to be most effective and supposedly the lighter colored varieties are higher in succinic acid than the darker ones. I ordered ours on Amazon.

Copaiba Essential Oil

Copaiba oil, distilled from the resin produced from the sap of a tree in South America, is another highly anti inflammatory substance that can work wonders on a teething baby. It is considered a totally kid safe oil with a spicy, woody (but not overpowering) smell. It is very high in beta caryophyllene, a cannabinoid similar in functioning to CBD, which makes it excellent for fighting pain. When my babies are deep in the throes of cutting a new tooth, I take one drop of copaiba mixed with a few drops of coconut oil and massage straight into their gums before bed. It really seems to help alleviate some of the pain, therefore improving sleep, and my daughter actually loves it and will open her mouth and wait for it when I’m getting the oils ready!

Chamomile Tincture

This is something I keep on hand in case my kids are sick or having other types of pain as well as teething. Chamomile is a wonder herb for everyone but especially children. It contains antioxidants that promote sleep, reduces stress, and fights inflammation. To make the tincture I just steep dried chamomile flowers in a 50/50 mix of distilled water and organic vodka for a few weeks and then strain and store in a cool, dark place. I then use a syringe to drop a few drops into their mouth, rubbing in the gums first and then letting them swallow. For those that aren’t comfortable using alcohol for their babes, you could try making a glycerin tincture. For me personally, I prefer the tiny amount of alcohol they are consuming over something so sugary, especially when we are using it right on the gums/in their mouths.


I have never had great success with getting either of my kids to chew on cold teethers but my daughter will never turn down some homemade popsicles! Marley loves strawberry banana, but for babies that might not be on solid foods yet you can make breastmilk popsicles for the same effect. Just set your baby up in their high chair with a nice cold popsicle and you’ve officially bought yourself a good 5-10 minutes of peace and quiet that is helping soothe their sore gums too!

Teething Toys

This one is kind of self explanatory but it’s always helpful to have a handful of different types of teething toys around for your baby to gnaw on when they are cutting teeth. We are big fans of the baby banana brush, silicone bead necklaces, and the occasional metal spoon (or my copper bangle bracelet).

It is always hard as a mama to see your babies in pain and teething can be especially difficult because it is something they have to go through over and over again and there is nothing you can do to prevent it. However if you take the time to stock up on some of these supplies, you can absolutely help your little one get through it with minimal discomfort and (hopefully) maximum sleep!


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