What I Eat In A Day – Road Trip Edition

I’m starting a new “What I Eat In A Day” series here! I love reading these kinds of blog posts or watching these types of videos on YouTube so I figured it would be fun to start doing them myself and give you a glimpse into everything I eat during a 24 hour period. I just embarked on a 7.5 hour (before stops!) road trip home from our Seattle vacation with a 3 year old, a 10 month old, and two yorkies BY MYSELF, and this post will share everything I ate that day.


For breakfast I settled on my go to meal for busy, on the go mornings. The night before I pulled a few of my sprouted spelt banana muffins out of the freezer to defrost and boiled some eggs. I purchased my favorite premade cold brew coffee as well to round out my easy grab and go breakfast so I could spend my time getting the kids dressed, loading up the car, and be ready to hit the road bright and early. My three year old had boiled eggs and fruit (he has suddenly decided he only likes pumpkin muffins #basicfallchild) and my ten month old had her own grain and egg white free banana muffins with some fruit.


We stopped for lunch at a really nice park so we could have a little picnic and some time to run and play on the playground before getting back in the car. I brought my very favorite picnic item, my Mediterranean chickpea salad, for myself and Lincoln while baby girl snacked on some leftover grilled chicken and broccoli and a whole lot of mama milk. I ate this salad twice a week last summer when I was pregnant and still love it just as much now! It’s easy to make because it requires no cooking, packs well, and fills me up for hours.


I am not typically a snacker, nor am I an afternoon coffee drinker. However on an all day road trip with two small children on my own, I knew I would need something to get me through the looong stretch of afternoon driving. I picked up another of the Rebbl cold brew coffees (the maca flavor is so sweet and delicious!) and my new obsession, the Farmhouse Culture kraut krisps. These are so tasty, and I don’t even like chips! They have just the right amount of tanginess and salt and a pretty clean ingredient list, plus they satisfied my hunger since we had dinner a few hours later than normal. Not pictured are the 137499274 snacks my three year old ate during our 10 hour trip! 😉


We finally arrived home around seven in the evening and my sweet husband had dinner ready to go for us! It was a Tuesday so obviously we had tacos! He made a chicken tinga with a sauce made from our garden tomatoes and jalapeños, along with refined beans and guacamole, all wrapped up in a sprouted grain tortilla. It was delicious and the perfect thing to be greeted with after an exhausting travel day.

So there you have it, everything I ate in a day of road tripping! I will continue to do these posts throughout the different seasons so you can get an idea of what a more typical day looks like for me and I might do one just showing my kids’ meals as well. Do you have any special meals you like to pack on a trip? Let me know in the comments!


2 thoughts on “What I Eat In A Day – Road Trip Edition”

  1. I love these blogs too! I’m always feeling so bored and uninspired by my food ideas. I love that this is road trip rendition. I really want to find those sour kraut chips now! Do you have a recipe for the muffins you had for breakfast somewhere on your blog??


    1. The chips are the 💣 and they have some other flavors as well! I have found them at PCC and New Seasons market. I don’t have a muffin recipe on the blog yet (working on it!) but I can send you the link to the one I used this time 🙂


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