Lincoln’s 4 Year Update


Lincoln is turning four years old today, how?! I’ve never done consistent monthly or yearly updates for Lincoln and I wish I would have, but it’s never too late to start! Everyone always says that time goes by way too fast when you have little ones, but for the first three years of Lincoln’s life I would always say it felt like exactly how much time had really passed. Not anymore! This past year feels like it all happened within one month and I just cannot seem to wrap my head around the idea that my first baby has officially graduated from “toddler” to “preschooler” without me even realizing it was happening. He is so mature, so wise and funny and brave, I feel like we are the luckiest for getting to spend every day with him.


We just started homeschool preschool a couple of weeks ago and he is having a blast, he absolutely loves learning! He has always been a bookworm and would practice “reading” books that he had memorized, but now that we are spending some dedicated time on learning each letter, the sounds they make, and practicing tracing them, I can tell he is super excited about the possibility of being able to read on his own for real. He also has been loving the art projects we have been working on, especially painting, which is really fun to see. He has a super creative side and I am sometimes floored by the awesome ideas he comes up with.


Everyone who knows Lincoln at all knows that he is a true music lover! He has been a big fan of Caspar Babypants since infancy and has every single one of his songs memorized (as do Josh and I by this point) and has also discovered The Laurie Berkner Band which is becoming another favorite around here. However his taste doesn’t end with “kids” music. Lincoln also loves John Mayer, movie soundtracks, and will randomly memorize any catchy song he might hear on the radio. He is pretty much constantly picking up any random object and using it as a guitar to strum while he belts out any of his favorite songs, and also loves “playing” on our piano and singing along. We recently took him along with us to a wedding of some friends of ours and he was basically the star of the dance floor.


If I had to pick one thing about Lincoln that I love the most, it would probably be watching him as a big brother. Since the day Marley was born, or since I was pregnant really, he has been so obsessed with her. He is a grumpy guy in the morning usually but his face lights up as soon as he sees his sister. He loves to love on her and constantly wants to be holding her hand, it really is the sweetest and most heart melting thing ever. He also is really protective of her and will come running and yelling for me if she ever goes near a cord (about fifty times a day) or something like that. He always wants to be the first one to go run and see her when she wakes up from a nap and is so excited to play with her more and more as she gets older.


One major thing that happened this year was Lincoln’s emergency surgery. He was complaining of very intense stomach pains, unable to keep water down, and turning very pale and blue tinged. Josh took him to the ER and he ended up having to get air lifted to a children’s hospital up in Portland where they eventually determined he had a bowel obstruction. They operated on him and had to remove about 1/5 of his small intestine that was no longer alive from being twisted around some scar tissue left from his first operation when he was a newborn. It was the scariest time of our lives, even scarier than when he was first born because we weren’t expecting it and because now we know him and love him so well, it was extremely hard to watch him suffer. I cannot even begin to say how completely in awe of his strength and courage I was during that time. I’ve never been more proud in my life, nor have I ever appreciated or been more grateful for anything than I was to see him make it through. Also, the boy who had barely had any screen time officially became a movie addict. I suppose after everything he’s been through he deserves one small vice!


My hope for Lincoln is that he never loses his sense of wonder and curiosity about the world around him. I hope he keeps his love of learning alive and knows he can go on to master anything he puts his mind to. I hope he hangs on to his sense of humor and that there’s never a day that goes by where he doesn’t find something to laugh about. I hope he always remains best friends with his sister and wants to protect her. I hope he realizes that he has the power to change the world and to help others. I hope he always believes in himself. I hope he stays kind and gentle but develops his strength and has a tough enough skin not to let negativity or failure knock him down. I hope he stays healthy, takes care of his body, and appreciates how blessed he is to have the gift of life. I hope he knows how much his mama and papa love him, that we will always be here for him, and how much joy he has brought to our lives just by being himself. Happy Birthday my sweet boy!



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