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Our Daily Routine With Essential Oils

Some of our favorite oils we use daily.

Essential oils have become a big part of life around here. We use them in so many different ways for so many different things, all throughout our day and they play a big role in parts of our daily routine. So today I am going to share with you how we structure our day (currently, this obviously changes as we move through different seasons of life) and how we include oils into it.


I love mornings! I’m not sure I would say that I’m a morning person; I don’t jump out of bed with the sun all ready to go. However I do really enjoy the peace and quiet of the mornings, the sense of possibility of a new day and the chance to turn that day into anything we want it to be. I try to get up an hour before the kids so I can get myself ready and have some quiet time for yoga or an inspirational podcast or something to get me centered before I have to be of service to my family. Part of my getting ready routine includes oil pulling with coconut oil and some Thieves vitality oil. I try never to skip this step (unless I’m pregnant and waaaay too nauseous to swish oil around in my mouth for ten minutes!) because I am a firm believer in its power to cleanse your mouth and pull out toxins. I often like to diffuse orange and peppermint oil for a boost of happiness and energy that starts me off on the right foot for how I want to feel every day. I also use my Progessence Plus Serum on my forearms every morning. (A whole post could be written about this product but there is plenty of info out there including an extensive FAQ with a doctor who is much more knowledgeable than I am on the subject so google it!) Once I’m done getting ready I head to the kitchen for a mug of warm lemon water to kickstart my metabolism and detox my body before I do anything else. I have always used the juice of half a lemon but have tried a drop of Lemon vitality and that works really well too. If I get to this point and both kids are still asleep, I try to get in thirty minutes of yoga or rebounding since once the day gets going it is often hard to find the time to intentionally care for my body.

Once the kids are up, it’s time for breakfast and coffee. This is also the time where Lincoln will help me choose our diffuser blend for the day and we get that set up in the living room. We eat and the kids play together for a few minutes while I get the kitchen cleaned up, then Marley goes down for her morning nap with a swipe of lavender or Sleepyize on her feet and some copaiba on her gums if she is teething. During nap time, Linky and I get school done. When we have finished that we like to snuggle on the couch and read books or chat while he has a little snack. Then Marley gets up and we go get everyone ready for the day.


I’ll be honest, there are plenty of days during this season of our lives that we have nowhere to go and just stay in our pjs from morning to night. However if we are going out to run errands or to a play date or activity in the afternoon, this is when I get the kids dressed. A super important part of that routine includes rolling our immunity roller blend on the bottoms of each of our feet. Lincoln also gets his scar healing blend rolled over his belly scars before he puts his clothes on. After everyone is ready for the day we eat lunch. This is usually leftovers from the night before so requires almost no effort from me. At this point our morning diffuser blend is usually still running and we are all feeling pretty good. We leave the house to do whatever we need to do or we spend some time cleaning, food prepping, or playing some kind of game or sensory activity. Marely takes another nap in the afternoon. If we have been out this may happen in the car, but typically we are home in time for her to rest. During this nap, Lincoln usually plays solo while I get dinner ready, do some cleaning, or work on blog or business stuff.

I will admit, late afternoon/early evening is probably my least favorite time of day. All of us are feeling a little low energy, perhaps hungry, likely grumpy, and I really lean on my oils as a tool to help us all make through until dinner. I love to diffuse Stress Away with either peppermint if I really need an energy boost, or Peace and Calming if we are on the train to tantrum city. If it’s a really tough day I might apply some frankincense to my third eye or behind my ears to take me to my zen place.

Our newest diffuser all dressed up for Halloween!


We always eat dinner all together as a family. We enjoy catching up on our day, talking about upcoming plans, and even trying new foods together. Once dinner is over the kids are pretty much done for the day, especially Marley. Every other day or so, Josh gives them a bath so I can clean the kitchen in peace. I always do this right after dinner so I don’t have a huge mess hanging over my head and I can be fully present for my kid at bedtime. Sometimes the kids will get some lavender or gentle baby in their bath with some Epsom salts. Then they each get a pass of the sleepy roller (lavender, cedarwood, maybe some frankincense) on the bottoms of their feet and the diffuser in their room is filled with one of their favorite sleep combos.  Marley gets her last nursing session of the day, Lincoln gets a story (or five) and then they go to sleep.

After the kids are in bed I shower and do my skincare routine, the most crucial part of which is my frankincense facial moisturizer. I make it myself and it’s amazingly thick and silky, smells so wonderfully grounding, and really benefits my skin in so many ways. I also apply my Progessence Plus once again, rub some lavender or frankincense body butter on my feet, spray my pillow with my favorite sleepy vibes linen spray, and I am out!


I am so grateful to have these oily tools to help me support my family’s physical, mental, and emotional wellness! If you need some of this goodness in your life too (and trust me, we ALL need it!), send me a message or follow this link to join my team and get started on this journey. I have tons of resources for how you can start incoporating these amazing oils into your own daily routine and will be there to hold your hand every step of the way!


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