What are essential oils?

Essential oils are the highly concentrated “essence” of a plant, the aromatic liquid found in many different trees, fruits, flowers, seeds, roots, and shrubs. They are the part of the plant that carries the nutrients and contains the plant’s therapeutic properties.

How do we use them?

Essential oils can be used in many different ways to support all the systems of the body! We love to diffuse oils throughout our home for a morning energy boost, an afternoon stress reliever, or as a great way to help us unwind before bedtime. Oils are also extremely beneficial when diluted with a carrier oil and applied topically.

Why Young Living?

I choose to exclusively use Young Living essential oils because of their unmatched commitment to quality and purity. Their “seed to seal” process means that they can guarantee that what is on the label is exactly what (and only what) is in the bottle. They have their own farms around the world where they grow their plants without chemical pesticides and distill the oils on site with the most careful attention to detail.

What about buying oils at the store or off Amazon?

Unfortunately, not all essential oils are created equal. Companies can label their oils as “pure” as long as they contain 5% actual essential oil; the rest can be made up of all kinds of fillers and synthetic ingredients. Only Young Living distills oils made from plants they have grown from seed and therefore can 100% guarantee the purity.

How can I get started?

The best way to get started with Young Living and the world of oils is to do what I did and purchase a Premium Starter Kit. For only $160 you will get 11 of our most popular and versatile oils, everything you need to support you and your family’s sleep, immunity, skin, digestion, stress, and more! The kit comes with your choice of diffuser (I highly recommend the Desert Mist for its long run time and beautiful light options!) so you can make your house smell amazing and start reaping the benefits of aromatherapy right away! You will also receive a sample of our Thieves Household Cleaner, the best non toxic cleaner on the market, and Ningxia Red, our powerhouse antioxidant drink! This is a seriously incredible deal!! Best of all, you will become a Young Living member for life and receive wholesale prices (24% off retail you guys!) on any of our oils and products, no minimum spending or renewal fee required! Just click here to enroll and join my team!

Do I have to sell oils or make monthly purchases?

Nope! You never have to sell or purchase another oil ever again (though I bet you’ll want to!), however every member does have the option of sharing Young Living with friends and family for a commission.

How will I know what to do with my oils once I get them?

I’m glad you asked! When you enroll with me, you become a member of our amazing team! You will get access to our private Facebook education group with over 800 members where we have online classes and workshops, challenges and giveaways, and tons of recipes and resources to ensure that you will never be left in the dark! We also have resources and mentoring should you choose to pursue the business side. I can’t wait to link arms with you and walk beside you on this wellness journey!

I’m ready to get started!