My Top 5 Favorite Essential Oils


Essential oils are kind of a hot topic right now, and for good reason. Essential oils are the highly concentrated “essence” of a plant, extracted via steam distillation or cold pressing, and are becoming widely known for their medical and therapeutic benefits. The most popular way to use them is through aromatherapy, the process of inhaling the aroma of the oil to achieve the desired healing effects. Essential oils can also be used topically and, when properly diluted with a carrier oil (like jojoba or coconut), provide a safe, natural alternative to many common medicines and treatments. Lastly, essential oils can be used as a clean substitution for many toxic chemicals in common household products and do just as great of a job (if not better!) at cleaning and disinfecting. So you can see why everyone and their mom is starting to dip their toes in the essential oil waters.

We have been using essential oils in our home for probably 8 years now. We started off with just one or two and we used to buy them from a local candle making shop or natural grocery store. As I learned more and more about eliminating toxins in every area of my life, I became increasingly interested in the power of different oils to assist me in various ways. I also discovered that not all oils are created equal. If I am going to be seeking out more natural products for my family, I don’t want to purchase essential oils that are contaminated, adulterated with synthetics, or diluted with random vegetable oils. So after plenty of research, I decided to become a Young Living member and start building my collection of pure therapeutic grade essential oils that I now use in my home every single day! I chose Young Living because of their unparalleled commitment to supporting wellness through their high quality essential oils and toxin free products. Young Living owns their own farms and distills their own oils so they control the entire process from “seed to seal” and can verify quality standards every step of the way. Young Living carries a ton of single oils as well as lots of amazing blends and now that I’ve tried quite a few of them out, here are my top 5 favorite, absolute must have oils!


Lavender is the first oil I ever used and I think it will always be my favorite. It smells amazing, immediately calms me, helps us wind down at bedtime, and is known for its ability to fight depression, anxiety, and stress. It is very soothing to any kind of skin irritations and it’s antimicrobial properties make it especially powerful for healing burns, but it is gentle enough to be used even on newborns. We use lavender oil in our sleepytime roller, diaper salve, relaxing Epsom salt baths, my bed linen spray, on wool dryer balls in our laundry, and so much more!


Thieves oil has totally changed our lives. Named after a botanical combination used by a group of thieves who would rob the bodies of those that had died of the plague, this blend contains five powerful oils that kill germs and boost immunity. I have been using it in my hand sanitizer for years and never go anywhere without it, especially now that I have kids! Thieves is also the main oil in our immunity roller and I really believe that using it regularly keeps us healthy. I also use it to clean and disinfect my kitchen, bathrooms and pretty much every other surface of my home. Plus it smells all cozy and spicy like fall and the holidays!


I love peppermint oil! It smells so refreshing and is great for a quick energy boost (peppermint and orange in the diffuser is my morning jam!) or instant relief of a queasy tummy. In fact, when I was pregnant with my daughter I started keeping a small bottle of it in my car’s center console to sniff whenever I felt nauseous (which was all the time) and I still keep it in there now in case I get tired when I’m out and about. I also really rely on peppermint oil as part of my headache blend which I roll on mneck and temples whenever one hits.


Lemon essential oil is another powerhouse when it comes to tasks around the home. It makes an awesome natural substitute for Goo Gone, easily removing sticker residue or other sticky messes, and is a natural anti microbial so it’s great mixed with vinegar or Thieves cleaner for disinfecting your entire home and leaving behind a bright and sunny smell. My absolute favorite use for lemon oil though is a natural stain remover! I have a stain removing mixture that I currently use but I have used straight lemon oil before and it is magic, even removing a bright pink beet juice stain from my mother in law’s white tablecloth literally right before our eyes! Lastly, lemon helps to purify the body and eliminate toxins by stimulating lymphatic drainage so it’s another essential component of our wellness roller.


Frankincense was one of the oils that I was most excited about trying when I got my starter kit and I am still finding new uses for it over two years later! My favorite use for it so far is on my skin. It has incredible anti aging effects, reducing the appearance of dark spot and blemishes (as well as scars and stretch marks), preventing wrinkles, and tightening skin. I have been using it in my homemade face cream for a few years now and am so pleased with the results. Frankincense also has some amazing immune stimulating properties that can destroy harmful bacteria and viruses (and have even been shown to fight cancer cells) so it’s another one we add to our immunity oil. Finally, it has such a wonderful grounding and stress relieving effect and I just really love the smell mixed with something a little citrusy or floral in my diffuser.

There are tons of other awesome oils that I love for their various emotional and physical benefits but these are the ones I will absolutely never be without. And the great news is that all five of them come with the Young Living starter kit! The starter kit also includes a diffuser of your choice, six other amazing therapeutic oils, various samples, and a lifetime 24% discount on all of Young Living’s fantastic products! Not only is it a great deal money wise, but it’s also the easiest way to acquire all the basics you need to get started in one fell swoop without having to spend a lot of time researching and shopping around (#aintnobodygottimeforthat). Oils have benefitted our family in so many ways and I would love for you to get in on it too! If you sign up using my link, you will also get access to our awesome community with tons of free classes, recipes, giveaways and a chance to get to know a bunch of other people who are on this journey right alongside you! Just click here to purchase your kit and get started! There’s no time like the present to build your “wellness toolbox” and start reaping the multitude of benefits that these oils provide!


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