38 Week Pregnancy Bumpdate


I am just over 38 weeks pregnant which means baby girl could be here ANY DAY NOW!!! I have all the baby items washed, organized and set up and I’ve spent the last month or so stocking our freezers with food for postpartum, packing our bags for the birth center, making a bunch of DIYs like diaper salve and perineum spray, and spending as much one on one time with Lincoln as possible, so I am feeling as ready as anyone can be for such a big life change. I’m really hoping to hold out all the way until due date week so my mom will be here to watch Linky. I do have some backup plans for going into labor early but my mom is the only one who has watched him for us before and it will make the most seamless transition for him and the most stress free labor for me so fingers crossed!

In other news, my first baby just turned THREE a couple days ago and we have been having a great time celebrating him! We had a small party here with just us and his two besties and their mamas and it was relaxed yet super fun! The kids played and snacked and explored the garden with Josh and of course Linky and I made cupcakes for the occasion which was pretty much the only part he really cared about. Since then we’ve just been having quiet time at home (even a small party with 3 toddlers totally wiped me out!) playing his new games and reading books and snuggling and I’m so happy that even though he seems so big and mature all of a sudden, he’s still content to be my cuddle baby sometimes. I was (irrationally) worried this whole pregnancy that baby girl would come on her brothers birthday but she didn’t and I feel like now that we got to have that special day, we are all feeling ready to add another member to our family whenever she does choose to make her appearance. Lincoln is going to be the absolute best big brother!

Baby’s Progress:

Baby is now weighing in at almost 7 lbs and is close to 20 inches long! Lincoln was born at 38+6 and was 6 lbs 14 oz and 20 inches exactly so that sounds about right to me. By now all baby’s organs are mature and her lungs have produced the surfactant which allows the air sacks to remain open during exhalation and makes breathing effortless. She is still shedding some of the lanugo (body hair) that has been covering her up until now and that material goes into the amniotic fluid and then into her, making up the meconium (black, tarry, special to newborns poop) that she will produce after she is born. Basically, she could be born any day now and be absolutely perfect but we are content to wait until she is 100% ready.


  • Nausea and vomiting: I’m happy to say this symptom hasn’t returned and I fully expect the next time I throw up to be during labor. I seriously wake up feeling so grateful every morning when I’m starving instead of pukey!
  • Skin irritations: No itchy rashes or major breakouts here!
  • Sleep: My sleep has been so interrupted the last few weeks, I almost feel like I might as well have a newborn here already! I have to pee about 10,000 times a night and Lincoln has been waking up crying for mama about as many times so.. not a lot of sleeping going on in this house. Josh has been taking over for me on the weekends and going to lay with Link in his bed which is not only a huge relief for me but also a great bonding experience for them. We started a sticker chart for staying in his own bed all night and I would say it’s successful in that sense, but doesn’t prevent the wake ups so I’m not sure what we are going to try next. All I know is that I plan on taking  a nap every day until Miss Marley arrives and I will likely be taking up a bad coffee habit once she’s here. #survivalmode
  • Appetite: I’m still feeling pretty hungry but not crazy ravenous (except for around 5 am) and my weight gain has slowed to maybe a pound a week. I know the crazy starving feeling kicks in for me while nursing so I’m super glad I have a ton of meals stocked up!
  • Baby movements: Baby girl is still super active at certain times but I can definitely tell she has less room to move in there because the movements feel different. She has been having hiccups at least once a day though and it cracks me up every time.
  • Aches and pains: I don’t have a lot of room to complain here because for someone so pregnant, I feel pretty great. No major backaches and my feet rarely hurt so I know I’m lucky in that regard. However… this pelvic/pubic bone pain is absolutely excruciating! Like seriously one of the top 3 most painful feelings of my entire life! It’s hard to find any kind of position whether standing, sitting or laying down that is comfortable and any kind of squatting or movements involving just one leg are so intensely uncomfortable I feel like crying sometimes. All in all I’m still feeling pretty strong and capable but I haven’t been able to do yoga in weeks and I am definitely having to take it super easy for this last stretch.
  • Temperature: I have had a few random episodes of night sweats (never fun to wake up to that!) but fall is here and the weather is gorgeous! I am LOVING the cooler temps and a bit of rain here and there is so welcome after all the smoke from the fires and 100 something degree temps of last month. This is the perfect time to be super pregnant because it’s still warm enough to wear sandals but cool enough to no longer be sweating profusely whenever I’m outside. No complaints!


  • I’m not sure I would call this a craving but I am eating a crazy amount of dates! There was a study done that said mamas who ate 6 dates a day for the last 6 weeks of their pregnancies had shorter and easier labors and a lot of mamas online say they had a similar experience so why not? I’ve been stocking up on Larabars, using dates as sweetener in porridge or tea, and celebrated autumn by making some pumpkin pie energy bites last week. I’m not sure I’m getting the full 6 a day that the study suggested but I’m getting at least 4 so hopefully they work their magic!
  • I also have switched out my avocado toast and eggs breakfast for zucchini and onions with eggs (because we have a million or so squashes from our garden that need to be used) and I’m becoming obsessed! We’ve been getting some winter squashes too and I feel like they are all so tasty and filling and a healthy/inexpensive way to bulk up my meals.
  • Coffee! This is a weird one because normally I am not someone who is super in love with the taste or smell of coffee and am pretty sensitive to the caffeine so I don’t really drink it but the last 2 months or so I am totally obsessed with it! I adore the smell, can’t get enough of the taste, and am really loving the energy boost it gives me without feeling jittery like I used to. Granted I am drinking it all mixed with coconut milk and collagen for healthy fats and proteins which probably helps slow down the absorption a bit but I’m still pleasantly surprised by how much it’s agreeing with me right now. I don’t allow myself to drink it every single day and I keep it to 8oz or less when I do but I feel totally comfortable indulging myself. Considering I haven’t had another craving this strong the whole pregnancy I  feel like my body must be trying to tell me something and I’m going to listen.
  • I’m still really loving my salads and enjoying the last few weeks of making them for light, fresh lunches before I dive headfirst into the season of soups and stews.

I’m pretty positive this will be my last bumpdate for this pregnancy! We have my brother in law coming to town this week and then my mom will be here the following week and hopefully baby girl will be arriving shortly after! I plan on spending this time lounging around as much as possible and just enjoying our last days as a family of 3 before everything changes and I’m really glad I got my butt in gear early with all the prep work so I don’t have to stress about anything. I’m feeling good about labor knowing the environment will be so much more relaxed this time and that I’ve done it once before. Josh was the perfect coach and teammate last time and I’m sure he will be just as great this time. I am super comfortable and trusting of my midwife as well. I have a newborn photographer lined up and can’t wait to get some good photos of the 4 of us together (what the heck do I dress us all in?!) and also have someone on call to pick up and encapsulate my placenta for me so I seriously feel like I’ve crossed every single thing off my list and it’s awesome! We are all beyond excited to meet our new baby and now it’s just a waiting game!


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